• TK Maxx – Me. By Me.
  • Google – Science Fair 2014
  • Google Chrome – Super Sync Sports

    Google Chrome – Super Sync Sports

    This new Chrome Experiment allows you to sync your mobile phone to your computer and use it as a game controller.  Run, Cycle or Swim your way to sporting stardom using the touchscreen on your mobile device.

  • Google Chrome – Web Lab

    Google Chrome – Web Lab

    Web Lab consists of 5 Chrome Experiments that connect the digital world to real world installations in the Science Museum, London. Working for Google Creative Labs (EMEA) we operated as producers across a project that involved many other production companies including B-Reel, Tellart, Universal Design Studios, Bibliotheque and Fraser Randall. Alongside this WEIR+WONG produced all the global marketing materials.

  • YouView


    WEIR+WONG created this availability checker for the recently launched YouView website. A complex application that marries together highly detailed information from a number of sources to inform the user if YouView is suitable for them.

  • First Choice – All Inclusive Calculator

    First Choice – All Inclusive Calculator

    Working for BMB London, WEIR+WONG developed this Facebook application that dynamically calculates the cost of your regular holiday abroad and then compares it to a First Choice All Inclusive holiday to see if you can make a saving. Simple storytelling using real data.

  • YouTube Space Lab

    YouTube Space Lab

    Space Lab was a global competition for kids to design a science experiment to be carried out on the International Space Station. Working for Google Creative Lab EMEA and YouTube, and in partnership with Psycle Interactive and Toaster, WEIR+WONG led the production of this once in a lifetime project.

  • Christian Aid – Poverty Over

    Christian Aid – Poverty Over

    This campaign for BMB shows a world history of poverty over the last 200 years. WEIR+WONG illustrated the changes in poverty levels by creating an interactive world map that allows users to explore and compare poverty level data across continents during this time. A series of films helps educate people of the root causes of poverty, inspire people to invest and reinforce the message that countries can leave poverty behind.

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Idea Springboard GSF2014

Idea Springboard GSF2014 – FWA Site of the Day

We are extremely pleased that the Idea Springboard for Google Science Fair 2014 has been voted FWA's site of the day.

Google Science Fair 2014

Google Science Fair 2014

WEIR+WONG are very proud to tell you about the latest project we’ve been involved in – Google Science Fair. Read more about our involvement here…

TK Maxx

TK Maxx – Me. By Me.

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest website. Working for Brooklyn Brothers we have produced the website for TK Maxx’s latest summer campaign – Me. By Me. The website is responsively designed to work across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms. So far, it is a huge success and is becoming more content-rich(...)

Creatives vs Coders, who owns the future

Creatives vs Coders, who owns the future

The Tech Dept recently asked for my thoughts on whether Creatives or Coders owned the future. As ideas get more complex, and technology platforms change, the tech becomes ever more complex to deliver. Having an idea is one thing, making it work is another Here’s a little extract from my bit, but the other points(...)

Connected Classrooms

Connected Classrooms

Google in Education asked us to help create a brand around their Connected Classrooms project that would inspire students from all over the globe to connect, share and learn from one another

Lovie Award 2013

Lovie Award 2013 – Gold Winner – Best Design – Super Sync Sports

WEIR+WONG are really pleased that Super Sync Sports picked up the prestigious Gold Lovie Award 2013 for Best Design

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