• F.R.H.A.N.K. – Saatchi+Saatchi

    F.R.H.A.N.K. – Saatchi+Saatchi

    Allow us to introduce you to F.R.H.A.N.K. He’s the world’s first socially curated, artificially intelligent gaming robot.

  • TK Maxx – Me. By Me.
  • Google – Science Fair 2014
  • Google Chrome – Super Sync Sports

    Google Chrome – Super Sync Sports

    This new Chrome Experiment allows you to sync your mobile phone to your computer and use it as a game controller.  Run, Cycle or Swim your way to sporting stardom using the touchscreen on your mobile device.

  • Google Chrome – Web Lab

    Google Chrome – Web Lab

    Web Lab consists of 5 Chrome Experiments that connect the digital world to real world installations in the Science Museum, London. Working for Google Creative Labs (EMEA) we operated as producers across a project that involved many other production companies including B-Reel, Tellart, Universal Design Studios, Bibliotheque and Fraser Randall. Alongside this WEIR+WONG produced all the global marketing materials.

  • YouView


    WEIR+WONG created this availability checker for the recently launched YouView website. A complex application that marries together highly detailed information from a number of sources to inform the user if YouView is suitable for them.

  • First Choice – All Inclusive Calculator

    First Choice – All Inclusive Calculator

    Working for BMB London, WEIR+WONG developed this Facebook application that dynamically calculates the cost of your regular holiday abroad and then compares it to a First Choice All Inclusive holiday to see if you can make a saving. Simple storytelling using real data.

  • YouTube Space Lab

    YouTube Space Lab

    Space Lab was a global competition for kids to design a science experiment to be carried out on the International Space Station. Working for Google Creative Lab EMEA and YouTube, and in partnership with Psycle Interactive and Toaster, WEIR+WONG led the production of this once in a lifetime project.

  • Christian Aid – Poverty Over

    Christian Aid – Poverty Over

    This campaign for BMB shows a world history of poverty over the last 200 years. WEIR+WONG illustrated the changes in poverty levels by creating an interactive world map that allows users to explore and compare poverty level data across continents during this time. A series of films helps educate people of the root causes of poverty, inspire people to invest and reinforce the message that countries can leave poverty behind.

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